Earth Defense Force Iron Rain Import

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      ●50+ Missions in Five Difficulties
      The furious battle against the invader Aggressors is full of chaos. Includes 50+ severe missions, where you must fight against gigantic enemy creatures and huge invader weapons in 5 different difficulties.
      ●4 Mobile Soldiers and Weapons
      You will become the legendary mobile soldier which controls 4 different PA Gears, several hundreds weapons, arms and items. Regain hope to human beings.
      ●Bring Personality to the Battlefield
      Includes character creation mode. You can select your favorite gender, face, hair style, weight, voice and outfit. You can also change the personality of yourself.
      ●Enriched Offline and Online Mode
    When playing the off-line mode, the split-screen will be supported. Also, when playing the on-line mode, you can co-op with other EDF members around the world.