Prinny 1-2 Exploded & Reloaded Just Desserts Edition Switch New

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What the Prinny legion lacks in strength, intelligence, charisma, and Class Levels, they make up for with sheer numbers, dood! Every time a Prinny goes down, a new one hops in to don the scarf and continue the stage, effectively giving them 1000 lives before it’s Game Over. Also, special attacks such as Prinnykaze burn through your extra Prinnies, so don’t get too reckless, dood!

Unleash blistering combos and cut your foes down to size with not one but TWO deadly Prinny knives! If you don’t want to get your flippers dirty, Lift & Throw bombs to strike from a distance, or hop into fully-armed vehicles and go cruisin’ for a bruisin’, dood!