My Universe Cooking Star Restaurant Switch Used

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Manage a unique restaurant
You are an ambitious chef who wants to open his/her first restaurant. But things will not be easy: customers are looking for delicious meals, and you will have to manage everything to make them satisfied.

Learn from the best chefs
While making progress and welcoming more and more clients, you will have the opportunity to meet famous chefs from all over the world, representing major global cuisine tendencies: the USA, India, Italia, Japan and France.

Be the pillar of your restaurant
Interacting with the clients, the chefs and your own team, you will need to be cautious to each and every step of the meal: welcome clients, select the right recipes, complete mini-games to make the recipe, serve clients and earn experience to improve your skills and your restaurant!

  • Live an epic culinary adventure and learn to prepare more than 30 different dishes from around the world.
  • Master different cooking skills through minigames and satisfy every customer in your restaurant.
  • Unlock new recipes and become a complete Chef, the best in town!
  • Welcome your clients, take care of them and make them have the best food experience ever!