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Paris, 1789. The French Revolution transformed what was then a magnificent city into a place of terror and chaos. Its cobblestone streets are colored red with the blood of the citizens who dare to rebel against the oppressive aristocracy. As the nation tears itself apart, a young man named Arno appears, who has set himself the task of revealing the real powers behind the revolution. His hunt will lead him into the midst of a merciless struggle that determines the fate of the nation and makes him a true master of assassins.

A merciless hero in a brutal world: play as Arno, a completely new type of assassin - more deadly than all of his predecessors. Kill your victims with a whole range of new weapons, such as the Phantom Blade, a hidden blade with a crossbow function.

Brand new parkour, combat and stealth gameplay: thanks to the Anvil engine, enjoy an unprecedented degree of freedom of movement and control.

• Full freedom of movement - new parkour mechanisms.
• A newly created combat system.
• Improved stealth gameplay with new stealth mode, cover and crowd control system.

Extensive customization options for your master assassin: Make your playing style distinctive by choosing your weapons, equipment, clothing and special skills and shape your stealth, combat and movement skills using the new, extensive skill tree. Become the ultimate master assassin!

Discover revolutionary Paris, more alive than ever: Make your way through the true-to-scale, freely accessible city.

• Explore the detailed interior of buildings and discover the city's underground catacombs and sewage systems.
• Go on genealogy and treasure hunts, solve mysterious murders, complete assignments and much more.
• Experience the turmoil of the French Revolution as an eyewitness by mingling with the realistically reacting crowds.

A unique collaborative experience that must have been played: You and your deadly troop must coordinate, coordinate and use your various skills to complete your mission and then disappear in the shade.